This blog is for my family and for my martial arts friends. This is also for families who loves bonding and having a good time with their children while doing something fun and sometimes crazy stuffs.

WARNING about our videos (located on your right): We train in the traditional way and our practice vids may be a bit hard or rough to many. If you are following the "modern way or art", we are just following our tradition and have no quarrel with yours... Many thanks and ENJOY!!!

My son's newbie MA lessons

These are some of my son's old practice videos when he was just starting Judo. He asked me if I can share some of the stuffs that I've learned during my younger years in hope that he could pick-up some stuffs that he could probably mix with Judo because back then his performance really sucks. Our arts are different, him Judo, me FMA/CQC plus some other foreign art that I picked up along the way. I had 3 main problems, no.1 is that I have little experience teaching newbies and kids, no.2 is that I grew fat/heavy and no.3 is that I have been away from MA for many years.

I tried on my old gi and got a big laugh from my wife... The pants fits ok but the jacket was tight so I had to find a new replacement. The belt's length got a bit short but sucking in my tummy did the trick, lol!

The videos below was my first come-back from my loooong MA sleep and proof of how slow, rusty, and clumsy I became. Practicing at night inside our small house without my eyeglasses didn't make things easier and could hardly see things coming. I also found out that receiving direct blows is more painful now compared to when I was younger and a direct hit on the groin still felt like a hit on the groin, lol!

Though we both suck, we really had tons of fun.