This blog is for my family and for my martial arts friends. This is also for families who loves bonding and having a good time with their children while doing something fun and sometimes crazy stuffs.

WARNING about our videos (located on your right): We train in the traditional way and our practice vids may be a bit hard or rough to many. If you are following the "modern way or art", we are just following our tradition and have no quarrel with yours... Many thanks and ENJOY!!!

My Anime-like Family :)

It was about midnight and my son was about sleep but the "fun" suddenly started again for no reasons at all. We really love playing our stationary fight game where we don't or can't move our legs and as an extension of close quarters knife fighting. We practice this sometimes inside our toilet, small room, on the stairs and even inside the car, lol!

Rules for tonight is that nobody moves a leg. Anybody that moves loses the game :)

We usually do fun games like what is on the video and is sharing our fun with you.
At the end mom couldn't resist not joining us.

Here are some photos of my wife and son having a good time :)

1. My son is cleaning his nails when mom suddenly started to pester him with a bokuto (wooden sword).
2. The fun begins!
3. Mom was victorious and got my son flying off his chair, lol!