This blog is for my family and for my martial arts friends. This is also for families who loves bonding and having a good time with their children while doing something fun and sometimes crazy stuffs.

WARNING about our videos (located on your right): We train in the traditional way and our practice vids may be a bit hard or rough to many. If you are following the "modern way or art", we are just following our tradition and have no quarrel with yours... Many thanks and ENJOY!!!

Son with his school Judo Senseis

Many parent who wants some martial arts education for their children often have this question... "How can I find a good martial arts teacher for my children?". My son wanted to learn Judo and me as a parent and coming from a different kind of martial art (or arts...) but have never studied Judo, I too had this question...

Want to see what good senseis are???
Here are two of my favorite videos of my son training with his senseis. First video was taken yesterday (sorry, I just finished doing some newaza with the kids and was gasping for air while taking this video, lol). The second video was taken a few months back when my son just got his BB. My son got whacked by his senseis, lol... but try to look closely on their faces, they are smiling, laughing and are really having a good time.