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Sunday, February 12, 2012

CQC Knife fight question from a friend...

I got this question from a good friend at FB pertaining to our "FMA Close Quarters Knife Combat Training" at: http://father-and-son-ma-training-japan.blogspot.com/p/test-knife.html
and would also like to share it here...

Question from my buddy:
... finally watched this (hectic first week at Rocket Internet, fighting only with my keyboard :P)

looks really fun, and now I know Takuya could poke holes in me like swiss cheese before I had time to stand on one leg like Best Kid ;)

I noticed the latter half, you're holding the knives forward. I had only one intro to knife fighting from a Sth African guy in China, who I can only assume got into dodgy situations in that dodgy country! The main thing I tried to remember from him was like standing side on and minimizing the attack area of my body, while keeping my knife as close to him as possible, hence having the knife forward. he said backwards was more for protecting myself from accidental cuts or if sneaking up on someone from behind to poke in the neck...

Are those points irrelevent in close quarters conditions, and what is your preferred way if any to hold the knife in CQC?

My Answer:
... different countries have different styles of fighting. A thug will have a different style than a butcher and so will a car mechanic, a logger, a pen pusher, nurse, hardened criminal, law enforcers, etc. Different martial artists also have different styles and even martial artist from a certain martial arts will also have their styles slightly different from one another. There is NO single best way or style that will guarantee ones success during a fight. Practicing or studying knife fighting only gives the practitioner an extra edge because of their training but in the end, all goes down to luck... Yes standing on the side and keeping the knife close to the opponent is a good technique. The target area becomes smaller but this is not much of a problem with skilled practitioners especially with FMA because FMAs favorite target is going for the knife hand. My son and my students during their first sparring with me often does this technique but as soon as we start, I whack/cut their knife hands and even if they are standing on their side doesn't make much of a difference because I can go for their arm, then to the jugulars and eyes. The more his knife hand is out, the more easier it is for a skilled practitioner to grapple him, slam his head, break his arm, then probably gut him finally after toying with him... There is also no proper way to hold a knife, me and my son just prefer using an icepick grip because we are grapplers but we often also use different ways to hold the knife and all depends on what we want to accomplish. Just like last week when me and Tak were practicing. Mine was a dummy but Tak's was using "real shit" I parried him several times then he rotated the blade and I got a "nice surprise" the next time I parried...... lol. Practicing using real and fake changes the practitioners style. Many are very good with dummy knives but freaks out with real knives... Many practice using slow choreographed motions, many like doing it like "give and take" (the master shows his skills while his dummy student only stands like a fuck doll), For me and my son we just like to do it freestyle and hope to get lucky, lol. Time for you to practice again Leon :)

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