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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Closest to real life training for my son.

When I first started learning FMA my grandpop teachers always talk about their real life experiences during the war. Some of my younger teachers back then are military personnel, police officers and some are really dodgy excons and hoodlums who shared different violent real life stories that they have experienced. I also studied foreign martial arts in proper schools and though the techniques might be similar in some way, the way of thinking is very different. Proper martial arts schools teaches respect, leadership, team spirit, manners, etc. plus their fighting arts. The FMA that I got from my orthodox gurus had it all different... it was more on stealth, back stabbing, covering tracks and the training was a lot painful. There was a time that I was ordered to eat like mad before a stick spar, spar when I had a high fever, spar when drunk, spar after sex, spar when I was injured, etc... and most of the times I got owned. My old teachers told me that traditional FMA was made for war and nothing else. It was invented not for glory or to gain respect to prove how big their balls are but to maim or to eliminate our oppressors. Our oppressors are organized, well funded, large in numbers and have better weapons than our sticks and knives so our attacks should always be discrete, swift and without remorse. They also said that we should be the ones to start the attacks and if attacked by a larger force, we should retreat or get overwhelmed... Now because of the modern times, many martial arts concentrate on self defense unlike traditional FMA-CQC which are very offensive art.

Most new breed martial arts teaches love, respect, etc... One time I was introduced to a guy who is a jolly 2nd degree black belt (will not say his art...) and was asked what FMA-CQC is. I just answered that it came from the Philippines. Then he started showing off his high kicks and super punches and asked me if we could spar. He also bragged that he has a gold medal from some tournament and would like to see what FMA is made of... I said no but he insisted and said that since we are both practitioners we can do it for "love, peace, respect, etc"... I was really annoyed since he was talking like a hip-hop gangster and he is Asian??? Anyway, I gave in to his request to fight using CQC, he danced and gave me fast kicks and punches, I lightly clawed his eyes and gave him a 3 finger to his throat while doing a neck breaker also covering his nose and mouth and thumb to his eye with my other hand. He gave up instantly. He said that he didn't know what came first... the pain on his throat or pain on his neck, pain on his eyeball or from panic of air deprivation... He tried again, poked his adams apple... then another is when I grabbed his balls and sent him to the ground then pulled his nose and it bled. I didn't even have to punch, kick, throw or grapple him. Then he asked for apologies for being so forward on asking me to spar using no holds barred FMA without knowing what FMA is... He thought that FMA practitioners sucks during unarmed fights. He asked why I was not intimidated by his fancy high kicks. I just told him to try learning with someone using real sticks or real bladed weapon in full speed and you will not get intimidated easily. He asked why FMA-CQC techniques are so brutal that I will surely be disqualified in a tournament... I told him that not all martial arts are intended for "peace, love and harmony" and the truth is that "real traditional martial arts around the world" were mostly intended for real combat and guys like you should also study your martial arts roots and learn the old ways and not to limit yourself in tournament fighting because if real shit happens, you cannot brag about your gold medal to the attacker or he will just use it to strangle you... I have met lots of martial arts practitioners and I get many comments about FMA that the techniques are illegal but mostly the comments came from lower ranking black belts but I often get very positive comments from higher ranking black belts and masters. Usually they say that they find the techniques similar to their old teachers or say that once similar techniques were used in their arts but are kept now by their superiors. The good thing with FMA is that the techniques are just brutal from beginner to master level. Many practitioners from other martial arts say that a practitioner should spend years training unarmed fighting before they can move on to weapons training. The reason why traditional FMA starts with weapons is because FMA was invented during the time of war. The oppressors were attacking our country torturing, raping, killing our fellow countrymen and we really don't have time spending years to polish our fighting techniques. My old teacher said that during his time, guerrillas were taught only very basic FMA and deployed asap. The ones who survived or didn't got captured had another day to train more fancier techniques... Sad that many martial arts practitioners nowadays don't understand our "dive in, pick up your weapons and hope to be lucky" beginner class training... Traditional FMA practitioners back then just didn't have the time to fck around because most of them are in hiding, evading, injured, mourning, in shock and mostly have not eaten properly for days...

Since I was brought up to traditional FMA, my son also got the same training (just a bit softer). I like it to be realistic in every way as much as possible but because we are living in the modern days, I had to limit him with subtle techniques and training. He doesn't have to learn how to ride a horse, hunt, learn farming, learn bush craftmanship, etc. What he got is driving cars off-road, jumping motorcycles, mechanical and electrical repair, outdoor off-grid techniques, computers and lots of stuffs that he needs to learn in modern times then I adjust FMA-CQC to the places where confrontation would mostly happen like streets, rooms, toilets, stairs, inside a vehicle and have also adjusted to modern self defense techniques and have left offensive techniques for later. I'm sure that he wont be needing traditional offensive techniques especially that we are living in Japan unless he wants to join the military or the police when he gets older.

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