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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Martial Arts Sharing

 No one is an island... This applies to with martial arts. Knowing one art is good but learning more arts are better. Combining techniques to one's own art and making it his own is an explosive combination. My father taught me Okinawan Karate when I was five or six, then took Shotokan Karate before my teens. Then tried a bit of TKD and some mixed Chinese martial arts, then Arnis and last is CQC. With all the dojos, with all my fellow students and with all my teachers from different arts and even from "my shady weirdo/thug teachers" and my two grandpop stick/itak/bolo wielding instructors who always quarrel about which of their style is better (they have very similar style, lol!!!), they all have one thing in common and that is "TO SHARE". 

One of my favorite martial arts aside from Arnis-CQC is Karate though I have never been a proficient practitioner of Karate, I have very high respect for the art. I believe that Karate is a very strong and effective art may it be on the dojos or on the streets. Another martial art that I like is Judo though I have never been a Judoka, it it will always be close to my heart since my son has studied Judo and have  mixed spar with him and his Judo mates using Filipino Dumog (Filipino grappling art similar to Jujitsu) and we had tons of fun.

Here I am sharing Arnis-CQC with the senseis of Kyoto Karate Club ( http://www.kyokukai.com/ ) during "Oyaji Club" (Father's Club). For me, sharing Arnis-CQC is the easy part but joining the Karatekas with their warm-up stretching might give me a heart attack! Joining them doing kicks and punches always makes me gasp for air, lol! It has been more than 20 years since I have been away from heavy training and these guys are killing me, HAHAHA!!! The good thing about sharing Arnis-CQC with Kyoto Karate Club is that I also learn new stuffs, new techniques and have gained new friends and hopefully, I may lose some weight and become sexy again (fingers              crossed... HAHAHA!)
          Suzuki Sensei (owner and head instructor of Kyoto Karate Club). He has studied Arnis-Kali in Australia some years ago. A hard hitter and a very good Karate sensei. He is combining Arnis-Kali-CQC with Karate Sabaki Style.

Arnis-CQC is least heard of in Japan. I have spent half of my life living in Japan and have kept it hidden for many years since it is not popular and Traditional Arnis-CQC that I have learned are not intended for sports but are very offensive/aggressive in nature. I had to do some modification with my art so that it will be more less offensive and more on self defense but again??? lol!

I only brought it out again when I learned that my son had a strong interest in learning martial arts. Usually I share it with fellow martial arts senseis and advance students coming from different arts. Then I also started sharing Arnis-CQC with ladies. I found out that ladies who have no interest learning martial arts but due to some unwanted incident (by perverts or by moms who had been victims by domestic violence, has been maltreated by morons, etc...) who then wanted to learn some self defense techniques to defend themselves can easy learn basic Arnis-CQC with ease. Frying pan, nail file, high heel shoes, biting, hair pulling, groin kicking, etc. against perverts are "girls best friends", HAHAHA!!!

I learned through my experience that FMA (Filipino Martial Arts) can be learned easily by anybody and can also be mixed or combined with other martial arts with almost no problems. During my early years in Japan I had experienced sharing FMA with some oldies Karatekas and all went well. Next was with Kendo guys and that too went well and I was able to use my sticks :) I also had some experience sharing FMA with Kung-fu guys and the sharing was very easy for me since I prefer moving in circular patterns (ala-Kuntaw-Silat style). I have also shared FMA-CQC with some Judokas including my son and it was a blast and we really had tons of fun.

What I notice when sharing FMA-CQC is that most people that I have shared it with had strong first impressions that FMA is only a weapons art which concentrates on sticks, knives and bolos. Many of them didn't know that FMA too have unarmed arts that are combined and built into the whole system like bread and butter. Arts like Dumog, Suntukan, Sipaan, Pilipit, Sakalan, etc. then mixed with some hybrid borrowed arts from our neighbor countries. Many of them didn't know that Traditional FMA is a very old hybrid art and was originally intended for war. I usually get asked questions by real beginners like "what will you do if you don't have your stick with you", or "what will you do if I grab your leg and you don't have your knife"? My usual answer is, "I'll try to make friends with you then will try to borrow some cash, I'll sleep in your house, will eat your food and will even play with your dog"... Some don't usually get the joke but in reality, two of my grandpop teachers told me that joke, lol!

Now I share the art with anybody who likes to learn. To share what I know is my simple way of giving thanks to all my martial arts teachers and my simple way of giving back and paying my respects to martial arts :)

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