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WARNING about our videos (located on your right): We train in the traditional way and our practice vids may be a bit hard or rough to many. If you are following the "modern way or art", we are just following our tradition and have no quarrel with yours... Many thanks and ENJOY!!!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Bonding with our little sister :)

Shooting Time :) TANK you!!!

 20+ years of not touching any firearm and my bad eyesight got me wondering if I can still shoot straight. Guns are good but I still prefer the good ol CQC-Arnis, lol!

For my friends and future friends in Japan:
If you want to experience shooting firearms like what we did  in the video, just contact me at romatak@yahoo.com and I'll guide you to the Philippines. I can also bring you to private shooting ranges and kill-rooms of you want :) If you want to experience some military like training, that too can be arranged :)

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