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Friday, February 6, 2015

No more MA practice together...

I'm sad to say that probably my post from now on will becoming very rare since me and my son haven't practiced together for a long time. I'll try to post again if something comes up. The last time that we were able to practice was last May 2014, the day before my birthday when my son and his friends asked me to go with them near the river to hang out. We played with bikes and then my son gave me a very nice birthday gift by sparring together. Skills were low since we haven't practiced for months but it was nice to see that my son hasn't lost his touch. He was able to throw, slam me to the ground and twist my wrist until I give up, lol! He even gave me a good head lock that I nearly passed out, HAHA!

After cranking our neck, we moved on to kicking and punching each other then his friends joined in. Then we moved to sticks and all of us had a good time.

Here are some photos but please do read on...

 My son slammed me to the ground but I immediately used my "old man's sleazy wrist throw technique" and got him flying. He is a lot faster and has more endurance so cheating is my only option, HAHAHA!


He grabbed my neck then moved to a wrist lock. I didn't see that coming... I tried to escape but wasn't successful. I tried not to give up so he pumped my wrist more until I finally tapped, lol!

He is very good with doing wrist locks and attacking pressure points and he really knows where it hurts.


Here we were rolling everywhere trying to lock or pin each other. Photo on the top left is where I was about to lever choke him with my left arm but he got hold of my right hand and moved to a finger lock. He was in a bad position and tapped first but my fingers was really hurting.

Top right: I was trying to evade his leg lock but suddenly he shifted technique and gave me a good booting on my chest. That was painful, hahaha!

Photo below: I slammed him doing a head lock, he is not escaping me this time... HAHAHA!


Giving my son a good military head lock drag (this is not really a head lock but a technique where you try to get your wrist to dig in on Adam's apple while dragging). Used for silent sentry removal and can be very effective if executed swiftly. If done properly, the wind pipe will get flattened then by jerking the right shoulder forward while forcing the enemy downwards will cause a lever action to neatly snap the opponent's neck. My son love this technique too and have used it against me countless times.


We also played with sticks with his buddies. It was the first time for his friends to play with sticks and they were really funny. We really had a good laugh.


Best Birthday gift from my son :)

My son is 18 now and will be going to college this year. With his school, part time job and his girl friend, I am sure that finding time together for MA practice will become more rare. With his tight schedule, he had to stop going to the dojos. The thing I like about my son is that he tries lots of stuffs and not just stick to one. MA is good but motorcycles, repair, music, ball games, swimming, music, etc. is there to learn too. I have asked my son a few months back why he stopped going to the dojos and I really liked his answer. He told me that He loves MA but is following Military CQC and Traditional FMA's principle where the soldier gets trained for several months or years, then kicks ass, then moves on. This is true with most soldiers or spooky practitioners who were trained in the military fighting arts, that we just move on.

Like me, my son often practice alone. Usually with knives or sticks. Sometimes he still sneaks behind me and executes a good sentry removal technique where I couldn't do nothing. I am very happy that the true or real principle of Traditional FMA and CQC sank in his brain. These fighting arts or skills are not intended for self defense unlike the newer or the more organized arts. My old WW2 veteran teachers and my other weirdo jarhead seniors taught me that the principle is simple, sneak in, whack your enemy, take his tools, vanish asap then fight for another day using the scavenged tools. This is totally a guerrilla type of fighting art and not the ones most MA dojos offer. I even learned that some weird wannabe fighting art/s teaches deadly stuffs then promotes love and peace while holding hands and kissing the enemy, hahaha!!! I am sure that those teachers have never seen real combat, lol!

Though we believe in that principle, there are times that fighting will be head on or for self defense. I've learned that my son can shift easily to defensive arts and not result to snapping his opponent's neck. This is where the other arts that he learned helps. The good thing with the fighting arts is that the practitioner doesn't have to be very skilled or has to practice regularly, all he has to do is to remember his training and to follow proper procedure. The techniques are simple, direct and can be executed even after years without practice.

Another thing that I learned from other MA practitioners is that many practice too much. Polishing their MA skills to the max and most aim for the belt... but sucks with survival skills. Many live in their small fantasy world where they fantasize that most real fights are peachy. I even met one who doesn't have the idea how to change his car's flat tire... That is a sign of an easy target, just deflate air or throw several caltrops and let him freeze in the winter mountains. Sneaky but technically it can work... I have taught my son weird stuffs and some of them are so weird that by just thinking about them prevents us from fighting because what if the opponent is efficient with those stuffs also. Back in the Philippines my teachers taught me about traps (trapping was part of my MA training, no joke!). There are times that when I go to the mountains in Japan that I still have the hair on my back standing because I accidentally saw a string on the ground. What if it is a snare or a snapper, a dead fall, a pipe boomer or a mine??? Twice at the beach I nearly got a heart attack when I stepped on a sand trap, I got an instant flash in my head that I was stepping on sharpened bamboo. My face got so pale that my son couldn't stop laughing. Since my son is not joining the military, I refrained from teaching him these stuffs but if he only knew... I'm sure his face will also turn pale. Also met practitioners who doesn't know how to ride a bicycle or swim.

Lesson here is that learning MA doesn't make you a super hero. Superman has his krptonite. It doesn't mean that if you wear your pants over your tights will make you Batman. One can have so many black belts and medals but if he doesn't know how to catch and skin fish, his option is limited to buying prepared fish from the market :)

Teach your child well and teach them true. No sugar coating and no Kamehameha. Teach them that MA, fighting arts and weapons can kill. It is like guns, guns don't kill, the person does. You may have armed them to the teeth but if they know compassion and common sense, they are OK :)

PS: to my bros: Will try to bring Jr. to Manila when I fly back. Time for him to experience some good jungle booting from you guys, haha!

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