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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Learning another martial art...

As a MA practitioner, I have always been open to learn new techniques from other martial arts and so is my son. We believe that all MA have good techniques and that we should be open to learn, adopt and mix our style with theirs. When I was young, I tried studying and stealing all the techniques that I can get. There was a time when I concentrated most on hand fighting then moved to kicks then joint lock and throwing but found out that during real fights, I keep coming back to CQC and Traditional Arnis. As I grew older and fat, I found out that I lost/forgot high kicks and straight punching and concentrate more on locks, throws, sucker punch, knee to face, head pressure points and chokes plus use any weapon that I can put my hands on which is not really nice if you are not doing CQC or Traditional Filipino Martial Arts.

I passed CQC-FMA to my son but gave him the choice to study other arts and since my son is half Japanese, he took Judo and is moving to Karatedo to fill his Japanese side. He started with CQC-FMA during his grade school and moved to Judo during his Jr. high school but I promised him that he can move to Karate when he reaches high school. It was his long time dream to learn Karate. There are many types of Karatedo schools, some concentrates more on forms or katas, some concentrates more on points, some on full contact and some on self defense and some are mixed. Me and my wife took a lot of searching to find the right school that matches his character and fighting style and today we visited a school that we think our son will really enjoy. As I see it, the school we went today concentrates more on full contact and self defense. Full contact means that their competition uses minimal protection and punches and kicks to the face is allowed and with no head gear (nice!). The school's atmosphere is nice and friendly and less the bull shit. When we came in, the main sensei immediately told my son to stretch and to join in then gave him lessons instantly. Got him working on his punches and kicks and moved on to handheld punching bags plus did a soft sparring. My son sucked big time during the lessons since he still has to learn how to do Karate straight punching and straight kicking because he is more on circular attacks then to grappling but what he really enjoyed are the punching bags... WHAM!!! :)

I've seen several MA schools and most are too strict and formal but today's school was just awesome. No BS and more on fighting :) Another good thing is that this school is the cheapest compared to all the schools we have searched. The school's aim is not for business but more on just like a warm group circle of Karatekas and they only ask for rent of the place where they practice and for the punching bags/gears that they use. Going to McDonalds (onle time only) is more expensive than their monthly fee!!! It is three times cheaper compared to most schools but they hit hard!!! :) Japan is a very expensive place to live but learning martial arts can be very cheap if you know where to look.

Before we left, me and his sensei talked and I told him that my son practices Judo, CQC and Traditional Arnis. He told me that my son can use/adopt some of the techniques he learned before (minus the weird stuffs he learned from me). This is a good sign that the school is a good school because good schools wont limit their students just to their own techniques but are open for developing and adding their techniques on top. Many senseis are just too arrogant to stick with their techniques and for them, the new student has to "empty his cup to fill in new water" but good senseis will never go for this BS. Good senseis will just ask the new student to get a bigger cup or a bucket and will just add more water on top :)

Starting tomorrow, we go back training in Judo, CQC and Arnis again in preparation for Karate... OSSU!!!

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