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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Why girls should learn martial arts.

This came from my old post in Facebook (Oct. 28, 2011). This is about a girl who is very close to my family and why she needed to learn some martial arts or self defense techniques...

"Late this afternoon today, my daughter (not my real daughter) came to our house seeking refuge. When I opened the door, she embraced me and was crying, couldn't speak straight and shaking. It was really hard to understand what she was trying to say because she was terrified. I found out that some pervert followed her and flipped her skirt then did a runner when she rang my doorbell. Me and my son tried searching for the perv but no luck. This might not sound much to some but this can be a very traumatic experience to many. 

There are lots of weirdos running lose everywhere and their main targets are young pretty girls and ladies so I guess that it is time for my daughter to learn how to be street smart and how to protect herself from assailants like the perv. The world is so fcked-up that even with all the high tech surveillance goodies the country provides (cameras, gps, etc.), kids (boys and girls) should really need to learn some self-defence techniques when all fails and no help is available. 

Often times we rely too much on the police but based upon my experiences, crime often happens when cops are not around. Weirdos are not dumb and they target their prey at areas that are favorable for them so hoping for help to come instantly is often near to none. Before it is normal for a guy to save a damsel in distress but nowadays, most of them will protect their hides and pretend that they didn't see anything and will just walk away. I love the police and they are great but they cannot be there for us always. Martial arts and self-defence too are good but not as effective as parents, students and concerned citizens join hands to do routine patrols, simple surveillance, or even just have watchful eyes for weirdos. 

From now on my son will be looking after her and I just hope that they never cross path for his sake (very evil grin). If you have young daughters (kids and teenagers), best to start teaching them some of your well hidden anti-weirdo repellant moves that you have been keeping for ages :) Time for our kids to kick some ass!!!"

She came two weeks after the incident and me and my son gave her a lesson on self defense. The lesson was only for two hours I am sure that she didn't learn much but she probably gained some self confidence. The self defense techniques that we gave her was very minimal but we focused more on the reason why she became a target. Before she always walks slow and always looks at the ground but now she walks face up, fast, straight and confident.  She is a silent, sweet and a bit of a soft type kid and I pointed it out to her that weirdos loves these qualities... She changed a lot these past few months. She still is the sweet, silent type kid but by just changing her posture and walking speed/style, she said she that she feels a lot safer.

The world outside is crazy so if you have kids, best to start teaching them some MA or some self defense techniques :)

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